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Our new Episerver CMS plugin allows you to use the Webtexttool content analysis and suggestions directly in your Episerver CMS. The plugin supports our advanced SEO analysis and our state-of-the-art content quality analysis and suggestions.

About webtexttool

Webtexttool is the content creation and content performance monitoring platform that enables you to create content specifically for your target audience. The aim of Webtexttool is to make sure your content is found better and converts better. With Webtexttool you can make sure your content is SEO friendly and matches your target audience in terms of readability (B1 level), tone of voice, sentiment and several other important aspects. Resulting in more traffic and higher conversion on your site.

webtexttool integrations

Webtexttool has several other plugins available for popular CMS’s like ao. WordPress, Drupal, Sitecore, Craft, Umbraco and also for Microsoft Word and Outlook. More information can be found on the webtexttool plugins page.

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