SEO made easy for everyone!

No matter how much you know about SEO, webtexttool will make sure you create search engine optimized webcontent in an easy and efficient way. When writing your content, webtexttool gives you realtime suggestions on how to improve your content. You focus on the creative part, webtexttool will take care of the optimization stuff.

It will save you time and money. And you will be sure that your content is on-page optimized according to the latest SEO rules. Find it out yourself with our special offer!


Try webtexttool 30 days for free and find out how to control your SEO. Create your free account now and start optimizing your content directly! After the trial period we offer you a 25 % discount on a Silver yearly subscription*.

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30 day free trial – 25 % discount on yearly subscription (life time)* – 200 keyword analysis / month to find the best keywords for your webtext – Store 100 pages – WordPress/Drupal/Joomla/Word/Craft plugins – 25 projects – Full SEO rules -10 page rank trackers – Export and import your content – Text analyse – Accessibility checker

More than 10.000 users use webtexttool to increase their Google Rankings!

List of features
  • Realtime optimization

    Webtexttool optimizes your content in realtime while you are writing it. No need to review, rewrite and republish your content.

  • Import existing content

    You can easily import existing content. In this way you check current optimization scores and start making changes immediately

  • Export your content

    Content ready? Export it directly from webtexttool.

  • WordPress, Drupal, Craft and Joomla integration

    Optimize directly in your Content Management System!

  • Keyword analysis and research

    Choosing the right keywords for your content becomes much easier and faster with our keyword suggestion module. It will analyse your keyword, give you suggestions and advice based on search volume and competition. So you will be sure that you choose the right keyword.

  • Using the latest SEO rules

    We will make sure that webtexttool applies the latest SEO rules. We will take care of that, so you can focus on creating your content.

  • Collaborate in teams

    With our Team edition you can easily collaborate on projects and pages.

  • Readability checker, sentiment analysis, webguidelines checker and more..

    webtexttool offers a lot more additional functionality to make creating high quality content easier.


Webtextool helps me keeping my SEO up to par and allows me to gain even more value by pointing out opportunities I would miss out on otherwise. With the great deal of progress the tool has shown since its launch, I predict a prosperous future for webtexttool as a must-have for anyone involved in online content.

Jasper –
Content Marketeer at Knives and Tools

There is no technical knowledge required before you can use webtexttool, if you can post to a blog or browse Facebook, you can use this web-based tool to optimize your content. If you are serious about ranking high in search engine result page; you need to start making use of webtexttool to write your content the way search engine likes it.

Martins Oputa – Techbadoo
Blogger at

I believe the story. If you want to be found on internet, you should start with the story of your target group. Webtexttool helps me to find the best keywords for your website and blog.

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Caroline D. van Wijk – Clinekennisdelen
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SEO made easy for everyone!

*When using the promotion on this page, you will get a free 30 day trial and after that you will have 25% discount on a yearly Silver subscription. The Silver plan is our most popular plan and will meet the demands of the majority of website owners and copywriters. The normal price is € 99 ex VAT per year, the promotional price is € 74,25 (approx $ 78) ex VAT per year.