Webtexttool: all your content SEO proof

Webtexttool helps you optimize content with realtime SEO suggestions, find the best keywords for your content and track Google ranks & progressIt will save you time and money. And you will be sure that your content is always on-page optimized according to the latest SEO rules. Create rank boosting content in a breeze!

Keyword research

SEO starts with finding the right keyword. In only one click webtexttool provides valuable keyword insights for your text.

Live SEO optimization

Just write your creative text in the webtexttool editor. While writing, webtexttool provides realtime optimization tips which you can apply directly. You’ll create a fully optimized web text without wasting any time.

Optimize & monitor

Import your existing webcontent or work directly from your favourite CMS. Satisfied with your SEO-friendly text? Publish it and track progress with our Page rank Tracker

Collaborate efficiently

With our webtexttool team-account, you can work together on projects and pages.

WordPress & Drupal plugin

For the content management systems WordPress and Drupal we’ve developed plugins. The plugins will help you optimize your content faster and easier! You can read more about our plugins on this page.

No matter how much you know about SEO, webtexttool 

makes sure you’ll create rank boosting web content!

List of features
  • Realtime optimization

    Webtexttool optimizes your content in realtime while you are writing it. No need to review, rewrite and republish your content.

  • Import existing content

    You can easily import existing content. In this way you check current optimization scores and start making changes immediately

  • Export your content

    Content ready? Export it directly from webtexttool.

  • WordPress and Drupal integration

    Optimize directly in your Content Management System!

  • Keyword analysis and research

    Choosing the right keywords for your content becomes much easier and faster with our keyword suggestion module. It will analyse your keyword, give you suggestions and advice based on search volume and competition. So you will be sure that you choose the right keyword.

  • Using the latest SEO rules

    We will make sure that webtexttool applies the latest SEO rules. We will take care of that, so you can focus on creating your content.

  • Collaborate in teams

    With our Team edition you can easily collaborate on projects and pages.

  • Readability checker, sentiment analysis, webguidelines checker and more..

    webtexttool offers a lot more additional functionality to make creating high quality content easier.


I was SEO skeptic till… webtexttool helped me seeing the impact that words or better (keywords & formatting) play in Google ranking.
Webtexttool changed my posture regarding writing on the web. My idea was that no one reads anymore. Therefore, I was relying only on my videos rather than using words. All of this have changed since I have started using webtexttool.


Stefano Messori – Design Strategist
Design Strategist at strategicdesignhub.com

The SEO tool of webtexttool is great to use, very userfriendly. Besides that Webtexttool provides the best, nicest and accurate customer support I experienced in my life!

Dion Rozema – eenstageopcuracao.nl
Owner at eenstageopcuracao.nl
Frequently Asked Questions

Is my text 100% SEO optimized if I use webtexttool?

Our goal is to optimize your content in the best way we can. The way search engines “look” at content changes all the time. So optimization scores can change when search engines alter their algorithms to process and index web content. Webtexttool therefore always adapts to the newest SEO rules.

Does webtexttool work for my country / language?

Yes! Even though webtexttool itself is in English, the optimization rules work for all countries and languages. We offer keyword suggestion for Google for the following countries: US, UK, NL, DE, CA, RU, FR, ES, IT, BR, AU, AR, BE, CH, DK, FI, HK, IE, IL, MX, NO, PL, SE, SG, TR.

What are the advantages of webtexttool?

Webtexttool is the easiest tool that helps you optimizing your web content. With the Keyword Suggestion Tool you’ll find the right keyword for your text. In the editor webtexttool provides realtime optimization advice which you can apply directly. With webtexttool you’ll get a higher position in Goolge which leads to more traffic on your website. No matter how much you know about SEO, webtexttool will make sure you create search engine optimized webcontent! Besides you save time and money because you can do SEO by yourself.

How can I contact webtexttool?

We’re happy to answer all your questions about webtexttool and SEO. You can contact us:
Email: support (at) webtexttool.com

Our address is:
Gele Rijdersplein 11-1
6811 AN Arnhem
The Netherlands

Can I cancel my account at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your account at any time. On your ‘my account’ page within the webtexttool app you can easily cancel, upgrade or downgrade your subscription.

What I’m doing with webtexttool, is that on-page SEO?

Yes it is, you’re optimizing your content for the search engines and for your future readers. By improving your texts through adding structure, links, bold tags, italic tags, heads and paragraphs etc. you’re working on your on-page SEO.

More than 5,000 users use webtexttool to increase their Google Rankings