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Webtexttool is a young and fast growing company with thousands of users and daily
20.000 keyword analysis and 70.000 keyword SEO optimization tips within our tool.

Work efficiently together with webtexttool Enterprise!

  • Save 55 % of your time (and money) when writing SEO proof content with colleagues
Full SEO rules available
  • As many keyword analysis credits, pages and pagetrackers as you need
  • Free online demo
  • Choose number of employees to include
  • Integration with CMS, workflow and other processes
  • Custom functions to fit the needs of your organization
  • API access

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With our Enterprise solution, your organization will work efficiently together on content creation and search engine optimization of your web content. The Enterprise account will be configured to fit your needs.

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Marcel Leeman
Co-founder webtexttool


Easily create and optimize your content and get your website to the top of Google with no added effort on your part! You focus on the creative part, webtexttool will take care of the optimization stuff!

“Webtexttool is a very helpful SEO tool. The interface is clear and simple so I can focus on my strength: writing texts."

Niels Vandormael - SEO copywriter at ACES Direct

COLLABORATE with colleagues or clients

With our webtexttool Business and Enterprise plan, you can work together with your colleagues or customers on projects and pages.

Work efficiently in teams together on content creation and search engine optimization of your content.

create highly effective content

Import your existing webcontent or work directly from your favourite CMS. Once you're ready to go, publish it and track progress with webtexttool's page rank tracker.

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