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Webtexttool’s innovation in copywriting leads to more visitors and higher conversion rates

Webtexttool is an innovative and unique content creation platform which provides a solution for higher conversion rates!

We coach content writers with real-time tips to optimize the ‘findability’ and the readability of their web texts. The algorithms of webtexttool are developed based on Big Data as well as University Studies.

Currently we have around 30.000 clients worldwide which are also Dutch companies such as, ING and Accenture. With webtexttool, the cost per produced content declines as volume of content increases along with higher number of visitors and commercial conversion. By using webtexttool, you can work with colleagues and/or clients on different projects and pages efficiently.

Webtexttool works together with

“Businesses that use webtexttool have an average increase of 300% in their Google rankings and double their average time on page!”

Webtexttool brings innovation to your client acquisition strategy

When searching for new clients, being easily findable is essential.
Webtexttool helps you increase the chances for your website to be discovered by the right people. Good and clear communication is necessary to bring more value to your existing clients. Webtexttool assists on making the text on a website clear and readable.
Webtexttool empowers you with extra value for your client acquisition strategy, at any stage of the process.


Natalia Huijsman
Communications Coordinator at Enza Seeds

At Enza Seeds we noticed that it was filling our vacancies with relevant talent was an ongoing challenge. For example, we had a job opening for a Plant Molecular Psysiologist for which we could find no fitting candidates. The agrarian sector is not optimised for digital (yet). That was a great opportunity for Enza Seeds!

Webtexttool gave us a solution to our problem. Through the real-time suggestions and all the checks on content quality, we optimised our vacancies in such a way that they are SEO-optimised and targeted for the right target group. We noticed tons of change after having those above mentioned items taken care of. We see can now see our vacancies show up as results in Google, ensuring that our vacancies get filled faster.

With the online collaboration module we can work together with a few colleagues on content, we usually collaborate with our colleagues in Germany and Italy.


“The assistance from Webtexttool’s support team is extremely helpful. At any point that we get stuck, there is immediate assistance from their online support. The support team thinks together with you to find solutions to practical problems, something that we value tremendously. Webtexttool is definetly a positive addition to any organisation that wants to maximise the visibility and impact of their online content”

“Discovering our website easily (SEO) is very important to us at We were looking for a web content tool to make our text SEO ready and findable at scale. Webtexttool is the best solution for us!”


Dario Bartolomeo
Branded Content Manager at

We searched for a system with different options to improve our current SEO approach. Webtexttool offers this solution by giving relevant keywords suggestions and optimization tips. Working with webtexttool, the functional custom made is adjusted and the api is fully combined in the cms system. Furthermore,  our editorial teams were personally trained by webtexttool so that all functionalities could be optimally used.

After a successful period, it turned out that webtexttool was exactly what we were looking for. We noticed immediately an enormous growth in the rankings and the website visit.

Meanwhile webtexttool is used for the content marketing activities for our online magazines (,, en Our editorial teams were happy working with webtexttool. It is a useful and practical tool with the possibility to organize the blogs and articles. Because of webtexttool full potential, it is an excellent addition for our SEO optimization.


More revenue and lower costs

Webtexttool supports you in creating and managing (web) texts

Besides creating content, other elements are of course important in its optimization as well as increasing its commercial conversion. By far the
most costs in SEO (or content marketing) come from the content creation itself, due to its nature of being a continuous, never-ending process. Webtexttool supports you in every step of the process, thus greatly reducing your costs for content creation. By increasing the commercial conversion, revenue starts to rise.

Optimal keywords and content

Webtexttool provides you with multiple possibilities to determine what content you should be working on. For this, webtexttool has, among other things, the following features:
Keyword analysis (to determine optimal keywords) and competition analysis (to find out which keyword your competitor uses).

Effective content writing means more visitors and higher commercial conversions.

Webtexttool coaches the writer by giving robotised suggestions based on its SEO & content quality algorithms. Therefore each writer now has the opportunity to write his/her own professional and effective content.

The algorithms have been developed in collaboration with a number of different universities.

Content quality

The writer receives automatic text and formatting instructions in real time, making sure that your content:

  Utilizes the right amount of white space

  Is written based on a target audience

  Can be understood by visitors of various education levels

  Can be focused on a predominantly male audience

  Can be focused on a predominantly female audience

Uses the right amount of adjectives

Measure the success of your new or improved content

The increase in ranking of your web pages can be determined by our page trackers. It tracks the growth in Google Ranking for individual pages. The result can be directly traced to the content optimisation. Many of our customers are measuring their performance based on the KPIs generated by our “content competition benchmarking”. With this weekly benchmark, we can discover how easily ‘discoverable’ is your website compared to your competitors. This is how to analyse the content.

A sample of some of our customers

“Businesses that use webtexttool have an average increase of 300% in their Google rankings and double their average time on page!”

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