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Content conversion

How do you get better conversion on your website? Read our blogs on how to increase conversion of your website content. How to make sure your content fits your target audience? How to make sure you content is readable and understood by your readers? How to writer better converting content. Also see our blogs on content design.

Business blog part 1: Explore your target audience

Business blog part 1: Explore your target audience

A business blog could be a way to contact your customers through the search engine. If you write about the right subjects and design your blog to respond to the needs of your potential customer you’ll be able to ‘manipulate’ them into doing what you want them to do. SEO isn’t just keyword cramming and link spamming anymore. The heart of your new online strategy should be: ‘understand your target audience and provide the information…

Over Webtexttool

Wij geloven dat iedereen in een handomdraai zoekmachinevriendelijke teksten kan schrijven, zonder achteraf te herschrijven. Met webtexttool maken we de complexe materie van SEO toegankelijker en geven we internetschrijvers handvatten om, zonder technische kennis, direct geoptimaliseerde webteksten te schrijven.

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