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Our features

Keyword research & live SEO optimization 

SEO starts with finding the right keyword. In only one click webtexttool provides valuable keyword insights for your text.

While writing your text in the editor, webtexttool provides realtime optimization tips which you can apply directly. You’ll create a fully optimized web text without wasting any time.

Create highly effective content

Import your existing webcontent or work directly from your favourite CMS. Once you’re ready to go, publish it and track progress with webtexttool’s page rank tracker.

Text Conversion Optimizer

Once the visitors have found your optimized web page, wouldn’t it be great that they actually do what you want them to do (make a purchase, share a post, signup for your newsletter etcetera). But, how do you check if you create content that actually converts?

Say hello to our Text Conversion Optimizer! This module analyses your content and gives you tips to increase the readability of your text and improve the chances of conversion. Check our video to find out more about this module!

The Text Conversion Optimizer is available for the languages English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish. Here you can find some additional info on the module.

Content Ranking Index*

Our Content Ranking Index will easily show how “visible” your website is in the Google results for the important keywords for your website. You will also be able to benchmark this and compare this to your competitors. Big companies and marketing departments use this an important KPI to measure the success of SEO.  Here you can read some additional info on CRI.

See how your website grows on the internet

Once you hit ‘publish’ and your web page is up and running on the internet just grab its URL and paste it on our page tracker module. We will track your page’s position on search engines and send you periodic emails for you to know how your pages score.

Frequently asked questions

What are pages?

You can store up to 400 (AppSumo Personal) or 1.000 (AppSumo Small Business Plus) pages in your webtexttool account. In most cases this is more than enough, but of course you can delete pages from your account after you optimized them and published them on your website – so you can free up space for new pages. When you are using one of our plugins (eg. for WordPress): you can optimize an unlimited number of pages on your site, these 400 or 1.000 pages only apply for pages that are stored in your webtexttool account.

Does webtexttool work for my country / language?

Yes, the SEO optimization works for all languages. The user interface itself is in English, German and Dutch.

The keyword suggestion tool has an option where you can choose from several languages en countries all over the world to optimize your content (check the full list here).

The Text Conversion Optimizer is available for the languages English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish.

What are page trackers?

A pagetracker checks the Google ranking of a page (URL) / keyword combination. This is updated on a weekly basis. Depending on your plan you can set up 20 (Appsumo Personal) or 75 (Appsumo Small Business) pagetrackers in your account.

How can I contact webtexttool?

We’re happy to answer all your questions about webtexttool and SEO. You can contact us:
Email: support (at) webtexttool.com

Our address is:
Oude Oeverstraat 120 (6th floor)
6811 JZ Arnhem
The Netherlands

Please get in touch with support (at) webtexttool.com or start a chat conversation.

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