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  • I was SEO skeptic till… webtexttool helped me seeing the impact that words or better (keywords & formatting) play in Google ranking.
    Webtexttool changed my posture regarding writing on the web. My idea was that no one reads anymore. Therefore, I was relying only on my videos rather than using words. All of this have changed since I have started using webtexttool.


    Stefano Messori – Design Strategist
    Design Strategist at
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    Ivanka K.
    Ivanka K.
  • I’m new to SEO and i want to learn it for my own business. Webtexttool helps me allot to understand it better and it makes me write good content for my webshop.

    Ivo – Libertines
    Owner at Libertines
  • I like the way it tells me what text to place and where to place them. Very nice!

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    Mahesh, sr. SEO analyst
    Mahesh, sr. SEO analyst
  • I believe the story. If you want to be found on internet, you should start with the story of your target group. Webtexttool helps me to find the best keywords for your website and blog.

    Foto: Suzanne Liem - Image People
    Caroline D. van Wijk – Clinekennisdelen
    Owner at
  • Webtexttool is a very helpful SEO tool. The interface clear and simple so I can focus on my strength: writing texts.

    Niels Vandormael – ACES Direct
    SEO copywriter at ACES Direct
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    Prerna – NirmalBharatYatra
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  • Webtexttool is the simplest on-page SEO assistant tool that helps you optimize your content. It gives you realtime suggestions to improve your content and make it more SEO friendly. Webtexttool will seriously help you dominate your niche in search rankings and crush your competition.

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  • This miraculous program is a tool designed to assist anyone who wants to create a successful website without SEO knowledge. Webtexttool allows inexpert copywriters and freelancers to generate quality content without worrying about the keywords.One of the greatest things about Webtexttool is the fact that it is incredibly user-friendly and easy to use.

  • Webtexttool is a good solution for copywriters and SEO experts to write as good as possible optimized web content. Based on the topic of your website the tool gives suggestions for good keywords and directions to structure your text in a way that it’s optimized correctly.

    It’s a handy and easy tool even when your SEO knowledge is limited, but also when you’re an SEO expert, Webtexttool can help you optimize your texts even more.

    Marketing techblog

Keyword research

SEO starts with finding the right keyword. In only one click webtexttool provides valuable keyword insights for your text.

Live SEO optimalization

Just write your creative text in the webtexttool editor. While writing, webtexttool provides realtime optimization tips which you can apply directly. You’ll create a fully optimized web text without wasting any time.

Import & export

Import your webcontent through an URL in order to optimize this text. Satisfied with your SEO-friendly text? Using a Silver or Gold subscription you’ll be able to export your web text easily and publish it on your website.